Past Work

Heritage: The Motherland

As an American female of Ukrainian descent, I am interested in the disconnect that exists between my psychological and cultural identities.  After recently traveling to Ukraine for the first time, an unexpected feeling of loss and confusion altered how I perceive my role within my heritage.  Although my distant relatives who reside in the motherland accepted me lovingly, I could not help […]

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Heritage: Preservation & Loss

This body of work utilizes memory, history and sensorial experience in an effort to understand my identity as an American female of Ukrainian descent, with a focus on food as a cultural icon and catalyst in my work. More importantly, I am avidly attempting to preserve my Ukrainian heritage and culture; this is done both […]

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Heritage: Material & Memory

Since I was a child, my maternal Ukrainian heritage has played an important role in the shaping of my beliefs. Tradition and superstition are just two elements of this culture that are passed down from generation to generation. As I have reached adulthood, these elements have increasingly influenced my daily life, raising questions and curiosities […]

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